Ned Butler Couples and Adult Therapist

Disappointment in an intimate relationship is inevitable.  Don’t flee from what seems like a “bad” relationship. The urge to run can feel overwhelming; but controlling your anxiety is essential.  Backing away slowly will greatly enhance your future relationships whether it is with this mate or the next.

There are several forms of relationship disappointment:

Sometimes the disappointment is severe.  Uncontrollable fighting (or its opposite, quiet desperation) may characterize your interactions.  The current situation feels intolerable, for example infidelity or some other deal-breaker has surfaced.

Maybe your situation is less severe and you want to iron out a few kinks.  Addressing problems early on can prevent severe disappointment.

Perhaps a relationship just ended and you don’t want to make the same mistakes the next time. Or you are having trouble finding a mate.

Helping others succeed in relationships is my passion.  I believe you can learn more about yourself in an intimate relationship than under any other circumstance.  Call me at (916) 662-5744 to transform your suffering into growth.

Intimate Relationships Aren’t Easy

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