Ned Butler: Couples and Adult Therapist

Ned has seen hundreds of clients over the past twenty plus years. He was trained as a Gestalt therapist. Gestalt therapists focus on awareness. Mindfulness is a synonym for Gestalt awareness. Ned’s specialty is couples therapy, but he has many adult individual clients as well.


Ned is only seeing clients via video calls.
He has 50 minute appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1:00 and 4:50 pm PST.

Cost: $150 per session.
Most people pay with Venmo, but credit cards are also accepted

Interested in working with Ned?

He would be happy to talk with you for a few minutes to answer questions to see if he is someone with whom you would like to schedule an initial appointment. Please text or leave a voicemail at 916-662-5744 for Ned about scheduling a brief phone conversation or an initial appointment.